IFcomp 2016: Toiletworld (Chet Rocketfrak)

This one’s coming next because I said so. The blurb:

ToiletWorld: it’s time to enter… the world of toilets.

This is already fascinating. You know, once my toilet broke and I had to reach into the back tank to flush it manually for like, a month. That wasn’t fun! 

You are in the toiletworld. As far as you can see, there is toilet; all toilet, all the time, all the places, each and every point in the whole of the world, across the whole yawning, infinite cosmos its own toilet, each with toilets inside it, each further with toilets inside it, further and further inside towards some unimaginable limit. To the west is a toilet. To the east is probably also a toilet. (TODO: add eastern toilet or whatever)

I’m not sure what I expected from “Toiletworld” but I am not surprised so far.

I examined myself and got “As good-looking as ever.” Missed opportunity, game. I wanted to find out that I, too, was a toilet.

>enter FirstToiletDoorOne
oh no fuck you got stuck in a toilet. you get spun around like a dumbass. a big stupid toilet dumbass stuck in a toilet. (TODO: figure out how to spin the INFORM around like the player is a dumbass stuck in a toilet before IFCOMP)
Yep. That happened.
Now you are in the most important place in the whole game: the bottom of the toilet. At the bottom of all the toilets. The lowermost toilet on this side of the map.
Okay, I got here and I’m gonna call it. I’ve cut out a lot of standard parser errors, and in all I’ve done like two actual moves. I don’t recommend playing this. It could have been one of those really weird games that’s actually fun if the author had put more effort into it.
edit 10/2: The author updated the game, purportedly adding another toilet. Unfortunately, they have also introduced a bug that crashes Parchment, and I’m not going to download an interpreter for Toiletworld, so I cannot verify the new toilet’s existence or speak to its quality.